These are small groups not big classes. Clients need to text or call me to reserve a spot so that everyone gets the attention they need. I  accommodate all different levels and anyone with injuries.  

Call or text me at 818-648-4640

Upcoming Classes

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Description of classes

Interval Training:

Combined 1 hour class with weights and an assortment of different floor, bench and cardio exercises targeting the whole body


1 hour classes of punching bags and challenging floor work


1 hour classes - 1/2 the class is restorative yoga and the other 1/2 is vinyasa flow and balancing. Appropriate for all levels

Reserve a spot

Text or call:

818 648-4640


Group Classes:

Interval training
drop in
drop in
drop in
Package price is $200 for 10 sessions and can be used for any of the groups

Semi-private Classes:

The semi-private price is $70, and each person pays $35 per session.

I offer semi-private sessions between group classes.

Private Classes:

Price for private sessions is $70 and the private package costs $650 for 10 sessions.

I offer private sessions between group classes.