I started working out with Valerie Rutherford a little over a year ago. I am simply amazed at the results. I first joined a yoga class. Then quickly added kick boxing and weight training into my week. Valerie is an expert fitness professional with deep concern and commitment to her clients. With Valerie as my trainer, I feel capable of achieving any goal be it strength training, life balance or a healthier, sustainable diet. I’m a long distance runner with 3 marathons, 5 triathlons plus countless half Marathons and 10Ks in my past. But it was time for a change. I was having knee and hip issues plus, as a woman in my fifties, I needed to add weights to build strength. Thankfully I found Valerie!! Her workout programs are difficult yet fun and constantly changing. What doesn’t change is the positive, loving energy eluding from Valerie for each and every one of her clients. Valerie is a wonder person and an excellent physical trainer!
Margaret Smith

I would like to send a thumps up and a high five to Valerie. I started Yoga with her 16 months ago and also working out with her. She is so amazing. I never thought I could do something like this but I had an injury and was told by my Doctor to try Yoga. I am still going and I feel great. I am a believer and it has changed my life. Thanks so much ValerieEmojiEmojiEmoji

TP, 64 years young

I was doing workouts on my own at home and I needed more direction and someone to push me. Valerie is very positive, motivating and finds creative ways to keep me challenged. She is able to multitask with ease when multiple people are training and we all receive individual attention. I have never been a fan of group workouts but because of the smaller group and more personalized training this has been really good for me. and I've met some really wonderful women in the process. I'm so grateful for Valerie!
Lanae Banks

Valerie Rutherford is a small package, and yet a dedicated driving force with the end goal for each of us to achieve the desired results. She is gentle, caring, encouraging and nurturing. She holds us respectfully accountable. I have worked out most of my adult life and have not experienced the encouragement, care and consideration of physical growth that Valerie exhibits. Thank YOU, Valerie.
Terry Haecker

In the 4 years that I have been working out with Valerie, I have never been bored (which is huge for me)! Every training is different and tailored to my individual skillls as well as any aches/pains that I may be having at the time. She not only physically pushes me to work harder, she mentally pushes me to be a better person as well. Her beautiful spirit comes thru overtime, whether it’s “setting my intention for the day” or choosing an 'inspiration card” to carry me through. Over the years. I’ve seen my body change and have loved the results.

Michele Wood

Valerie has a unique way of running a small group class where everyone feels like it’s a personal one-on one class. She has such a high spirited positive energy about her that pulls you to go just a little bit more than you ever thought you could go.

Dr. Perez

safia sm“I was already in shape when I went to see Valerie, but she took everything to the next level! Now I’m cut, tone, and looking and feeling amazing! Valerie’s the best!”

Safia D.

I love doing Eating from the Heart with Valerie Rutherford. I wasn't sure how her program would impact my life at first but once I started I was pleasantly surprised.

Having to text her everything I'm eating made me more accountable. Several times I was tempted to eat something that wasn't a good choice and found myself changing simply because I didn't want to text it to her.

Of course this is not how one would live their life, texting someone every meal, but for a kick start of one month it has given me motivation, detox from bad foods, and accountability. Not to mention weight loss of around 12 pounds.

Phyllis T.

Like most people, this is not my first diet and exercise rodeo! Valerie provided the accountability, guidance and positive mind set that has helped everything come together for me. Thanks to Valerie, I am well on my way to achieving vibrant and lasting health. That's what it's really all about, isn't it?

Katie J.

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with an upset stomach almost every time I ate. I would try and eat healthy  or eat what I thought was healthy but would have a hard time eating vegetables without suffering from bloating and an upset stomach. I also had a huge craving for sweets. I was never hugely overweight but I always had a weight I hoped to reach again, especially after having a baby. I recently found out that I had several food sensitivities and a problem with candida. Soon after, Valerie was recommended to me and I started eating from the heart. Since meeting with Valerie, I can now eat all the vegetables I want without stomach issues and I have almost reached my goal weight in 3 weeks! When I started eating from the heart, I was around 134-138 depending on what I ate and how bloated I was and as of today I am 127. Trying to lose those last 10lbs can be the hardest! Eating from the heart has helped me be accountable and provide me with knowledge of foods and meals to help me stay on track and feeling better! Whether I'm preparing a meal at home, eating out or going out of town, Valerie has provided me with more support than I could have hoped for at all times with healthy suggestions and options for healthy foods. My sweet cravings have significantly dropped too!  Although I had to follow a bit of a strict diet at first due to food allergies and candida, which Valerie guided me through and still is, eating from the heart lets me still be able to live my life so I don't feel deprived of things I love but helps me make better decisions when doing it. Eating from the heart has definitely giving me the knowledge and support I need in guiding me to a healthier lifestyle change!

Ali B.

trudiI was in a car accident, and after I had finished three months of physical therapy, I still wasn't feeling 100%, AND I was anxious to start working out again. Valerie worked with me on a regime that included stretching and strengthening -- she was careful not to let me overextend, but she absolutely pushed me past my slacker comfort zone. The result was that for the first time in a really long time, my shoulder didn't hurt anymore. I credit Valerie for taking me way further than P.T. could or would have ever done! Plus it's always fun working with Valerie and the time flies.

Trudi R.

aubrey"Valerie is one of the most consistently positive people I know.  Her expert understanding of body mechanics helps her to create new and effective exercises that keep the routines fresh and fun!"


I used to think that a personal trainer was something I couldn't afford and didn't need, and then I met Valerie. It is not an exaggeration to say Valerie has changed my life. Training with Valerie has changed my body as well as my attitude toward working out.  I used to dread exercise and now I can't wait to to come to her studio.  She not only makes working out fun, she has created a community of wellness and positive living that has improved all aspects of my life.”

Kirsti T.

before after sm“Valerie has been my trainer for over two years.  I have worked out with other trainers previously, and Valerie is the best! She is great at modifying workouts for injuries or for one's preferences. She listens when I want to work on specific body parts or exercises.  I am in better shape than when I worked out with another trainer prior to my wedding 5 years ago!  The skirt I wore to our housewarming/wedding party is too big! 

Valerie's clients are primarily women, but my husband is also a client of Valerie.  He has scoliosis and broke his shoulder in the past and Valerie is careful to craft workouts that don't aggravate these conditions. He has big "guns" (muscles) and looks great! 

We are in our late 50's and most of the other people we work out with are in their 30's or 40's, but Valerie's easy style helps us feel part of the group and it is gratifying to know we can keep up!

I think very highly of Valerie and have recommended her to friends and family.” 

Dana Z.

“Valerie makes working out fun and with her expertise I now have the body I always dreamed of having.” 

Patty O.

“I have a terribly bad back, and Valerie has managed to improve my back’s flexibility and strength... while making the process great fun.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her.” 

Karen B.

“I have never felt stronger or healthier. Valerie makes each varied workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results.” 

Scott L.

“I have been going to see Valerie for about 3 months now and I love her energy and personality! She handles 4 of us at a time in her home personal gym and knows what each of us is doing (or not doing) at any given time!  I have lost weight due to her softly pushing me to work hard and get strong.  She knows a lot about cardio, weights, health etc. I have a gym in my complex but having someone to report to is better for me.  If I had to push myself on my own I would not stay as long at it!  I have finally found the right person!! Thanks Valerie!” 

Sherry H.

“I have had many personal trainers in my life, but never achieved the success that I am experiencing with Valerie.  She will change your life!!!” 

Bonnie K. M.

“Valerie listens to my concerns, is knowledgeable and gives me perspective… through her constantly positive attitude, she gently guides me to change my life… for good.”

Karen G.